1. Parents/Guardian should see that their wards respect the rules and regulations of the school and abide by them.
  2. Parents are expected to cooperate with the school by enforcing regularity and discipline, helping their wards to prepare their lessons and study well.
  3. Parents are requested to cooperate with the school authority by sending their wards neatly dressed to the school and by encouraging them to take active part in the activities of the school.
  4. Parents are requested to ensure that their wards reach the school and are picked up from the school on time.
  5. Parents are requested to note the homework given daily and sign any report sent by the teachers in the space provided in the Diary.
  6. Parents should ensure that their wards do not absent themselves from any test/exam and that they are present on the reopening and closing day of the school.
  7. Parents should ensure that the leave letters of their wards are sent to the class teacher on time.
  8. Parents should respond to any message/request communicated by the teachers, the Principal or the H.M.
  9. Change of address if any must be intimated to the office.
  10. Parents should scrutinize and sign the Formative and Summative Assessment Reports.
  11. Parents must sign and send back the Portfolio File of their ward after every assessment.
  12. Parents are requested to meet the Principal and teachers with prior appointment which ensures that both the parties do not lose their precious time.
  13. Parents are strictly prohibited from entering a class during the working hours to engage the teachers in conversation. They must obtain permission from the principal before meeting any child/teacher.
  14. Parents should avoid planning outings, visits to relatives etc. during working days.
  15. Parents are requested to fix the dates for medical consultation of their wards on non-working days as far as possible.
  16. All payments should be made to the office and receipts should be obtained and retained by the parents.